Magical School for Horses and Humans

Magical School for Horses and Humans

It’s about more than a well-behaved horse.

Take your horse on a journey of mythical proportions.

Are you willing to give up your comfort zone to produce the results you really want? The ones you REALLY want. Not what fears or what others tell you you want.

To have these results, you first have to be willing to accept that what you are doing now isn’t working, or at least not well enough.

Yes, it will require larger goals, new concepts and new actions, but most of all a different perspective. Letting go of your beliefs that you’re clinging to isn’t easy, but there is no case where you can pick up something new without setting down what you’re holding on to that isn’t working so well.

You can do this! If you take a different look, re-prioritize and adopt some concepts that you’ve probably never been exposed to before. Not your fault, but now’s your chance to explore the world you want with your horse.

If you want to be mediocre, that’s your business. If you want to be Exceptional, that’s my business.

Lauren’s Books

Lauren’s Books

It goes without saying that any book, article, note, or sticker written by Lauren is a must read for any serious horseman. The books below provide deep insight into why your horse is behaving the way he/she is, and tried and true information about how to correct the unwanted behaviors and encourage the great ones. Your horse was born knowing how to do “horse.” You need to learn how to think like your horse, and ultimately form a great and safer partnership.

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Curbside Service for Two – Making it up as I go along

Become the Wizard of your own MIH club (Make It Happen).

If you’ve been struggling to realize your dream or can’t even express it anymore, then you’re in the right place. My clients learn how to take action with confidence to craft their dream horse.

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    Lauren, Seeing you ride Monty this morning giving him confidence to tackle a busy street with garbage trucks, APS trucks, bikes, cars, monthly street trash pickup with tree limbs pilled high, cardboard boxes, black plastic bags without major incident was a testament to your EXCEPTIONAL HORSEMANSHIP training methods. I’ve watched first hand over the last 6 weeks as you instilled respect and thought instead of reaction to a young 6 year old Tennessee Walker gelding who was insecure when riding alone or out front and had numerous bad spooking experiences with his former owner who lacked confidence. Today you saddled him, mounting from your truck bumper easily using your curbside training he learned the first lesson, and off you went walking down the street laden with loads of spooking potential. You gave him time to process everything he saw, stopping without rushing so he could explor…


    I rode MAGIC for the first time after having him for 4 years; and in a rope halter!!! I’m his 6th owner. 2 years ago, he came home after 8 months at an Arab training stable. During this period, I was told I couldn’t ride him due to an ‘Injury’. The trainer dropped him off at my place and said firmly, to sell him; he was too athletic for me. HUH? He was there for 8 months. I was told that he was doing great. Before Lauren came into our lives, I reached out to anybody and everybody. I needed help desperately. Now almost 6, this ‘Wild Unruly Horse’ who had become a dangerous , run you over Renegade that couldn’t be caught nicely, has learned how to behave, trust, and respect. Plus, Lauren’s giving me the TeriMagic1confidence to overcome my fears after a near mortal injury from a different horse. She has taken a horse that many would discard or put down and turned him comp…


    Ya know what, Lauren, your newsletters are always the best read I have. Yes, I have lots of books and I watch most of the horse shows but YOURS makes learning fun, normal and it always is logical and down to earth. I think I can testify to, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” At 68 I have no intention of ever stopping riding….


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    Lauren is fiercely committed to helping those who want that phenomenal relationship with their horse as well as the best-behaved friend, to do whatever they please, happily, together, NICELY! If what you have now isn’t working so great or at all, learn what to do and what to stop doing to get the magical horse of your dreams.