The businessman, we’ll call him Roy, was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and standing amongst my herd of stellar leadership training horses. I reached out my hand and patted his face. More like light smacking with some sound, several times. He furrowed his brow, annoyed with me. “Why’d you do that?” he almost snarled. “Because you did it again, and I told you the horses don’t like it any more than you do.”

“I didn’t do that,” he shot back.

“You did. It’s apparently what we’ll be focused on today.” I replied.

And that would be awareness of what we do that we don’t know we do that annoys others.

Do you need your team to like you if you’re the boss? NOPE. Will you get better results if they do? YEP.

Roy didn’t even know he was smacking the horse on its face and was so sure, he denied that he did it. Let’s assess. This person is moving and using his hand and arm and smacking another and doesn’t realize he’s doing it, does it again after it’s pointed out that it’s not a good thing and denies it yet again.

How can that be? Don’t know – doesn’t matter – it is! While I’m not a great fan of the clichéd “It is what it is” – it is. The breakthrough came a few moments later when Roy did it again and stopped with a look of astonishment mixed with horror on his face. “Oh my God – I did do it!”

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