Warrior – the word can’t be used without the context of adversity. BUMMER!

Adversity can be myriad things of course. Physical – got to survive this struggle and it could be anything from life and death to ouches and that depends on someone’s pain threshold and tolerance. Or it could be overcoming an illness or getting through one you can’t overcome. Could be surviving a beating. Or it could be juggling kids and work as well as significant other or such family life.

Mental – thinking your way through your physical struggles to intense study of a subject.

Emotional – well, we all know there are going to be struggles out there.

A Warrior Woman Within experience will bring out something in EACH one of these areas. What’s great about it is that it has a high fun meter even though the particular struggles can be un-fun. Learn by experiencing physical challenges both with the horses and pulling a bow back. Mental – what do I do and how do I do it. This is like nothing I’ve ever done before and maybe it’s not going as you thought it would, which is usual. And emotional from numerous issues that show up while working with the horses, to the release of certain hormones when you shoot an arrow to the emotions that arise with a judgment of success or failure of something you’ve never done before and expect a certain outcome.

Being able to work on all these things while having a ton of fun isn’t usually easy to combine, but it is with a Warrior Woman Within day.