Just so you all know, when I write about something, it’s not just you I’m talking about. Sometimes I will have written an article here or in my newsletter but it hasn’t been published yet and then a week or so later, the issue comes up in a lesson. Then the article gets published and the person thinks I wrote about them. Fact is, I write about these themes because they come up all the time with various people. So… the good news is… you’re not alone!

So I was working with a woman and her horse the other day. The horse runs her over and is quite accomplished at the power shoulder bulge that I loathe. She thought she was just standing there with horse, but I said, “Tell that nasty shoulder to go away.” She didn’t understand why I would say anything when they were ‘just standing there’. I pointed out that all the horse’s weight was headed in her direction including the left front leg that was angled outside the horse’s body and near the woman’s foot.

When she first asked horse to move, horse simply put more weight in her direction. I told her to use the end of her rope on the offending shoulder and ask horse to shift or move to… the right. Horse then took one step backward.

While this did put a little more distance between the shoulder/hoof and her, the horse’s answer was not correct. She petted horse and thought all was well. It wasn’t and is why the problem exists in the first place.

Horse was asked to move RIGHT not backward. If you accept backward for right then horse is not wrong when you ask the next time and get something other than what you asked for. To use my usual analogy, is this going to work for you if you’re on a cliff?