There is a difference in how your horse Curbsides. Do you know what it is? I’d like to be able to ask these questions and have all of you write in to tell me, but it seems that the desire for me to just tell you is what you prefer. Yes, it’s easier for you if I tell you, but any time you analyze a question and then start asking your own questions, your horsemanship will grow by leaps and bounds. Just sayin’.

Yeah, yeah, until you start commenting on the blog in force, I’m gonna answer, but I’m hoping you’ll start telling me what you think and how you think!

One of the huge differences is how calm your horse’s mind is when he’s coming over. If the horse is rolling its eyes and slamming over because he’s worried he’s going to have some consequences and his head is up and back is tense, that’s not what we’re really going for. Speed of response and anxiety during the speedy response are not the same thing. It’s completely possible to get over quickly without worrying about it. So, if your horse is worried, take some time to re-assure him and work with him moving on and off while you sit there CALMLY AND QUIETLY, flicking him in a friendly manner and asking him to move nicely and with casual thought.