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    Thank you so much for an outstanding day on Monday and for sharing all your expertise and hospitality. My team loved it:

    “awesome experience”, “To be able to interact with them and learn about ourselves in the process, was so unique”, “… learn new ways to think about the way we approach customers and people in general. I really enjoyed the day !!!” “I feel like a barrier was definitely discarded. Beautiful animals”.

    Mission accomplished I’d say. 😀

    Best as always,

    I’m going to pay more attention to my actions, my intentions behind my actions, standing in my truth. So if there’s something I want, I’m going to have to say it or be clear about it. Otherwise, I’ll never get it.


    People can’t read my mind. So it would be really nice if I could use this so people understand what I’m trying to do without forcing them into it and calling them stubborn because they’re not doing what I want.


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    Lauren is fiercely committed to guiding those who always wanted a pony under the tree and finally got one and now are wondering what puzzle piece they’re missing to make it their dream. That vision that struggles to keep the confidence when scary things are happening, be it with a beautiful but also very strong and large animal or someone you’re having trouble with in business. We’re here for those who still harbor that dream and would love to discover how to bring it to be.