Weeds – little things that pop up. Little things that, if the soil is moist and you pull them out when they’re tiny… it’s easy. But, let the soil get hard and dry or let the weed grow to mammoth size? Trouble.

Got weeds in your horse garden. Does your horse crowd your personal space? Make you backup to keep from getting your nose broken? A weed. Some of the top riders in the world just don’t consider this weed important, but it means a lot to the horse.

One step of the hoof seems small but as a matter of respect, it’s a power play. It’s game playing and means the horse doesn’t think he should stand still where you’ve asked him to stand.

Consider this observation: People who ride English/Dressage/Hunter/Jumper are much less likely to have a horse that stands still than someone who rides Western. Go ahead, do some homework, observe at shows, on trail, whatever. Olympic horses rarely stand still while mounted or even while being mounted. They are constantly walking or even trotting off while their person is still throwing their leg over. The person giving them a leg up moves along side hoisting away.

While the media is trying to interview the rider, the horse is walking along, the rider constantly ‘whoa-ing’ him which lasts about a milli-second and off walking again while the interviewer bumbles along side.

Olympic dressage horses frequently blow through the halt at X, which is a required task twice in each performance. Why is that not important?

I was reading on a forum the other day and this person said that when they lead their horse it bolts off and pulls the line out of their hand. Well, first off, my interpretation of that is that they aren’t leading the horse. Once you approach it from that angle and get over your ego, it’s easier to get to fixing it. This person is merely trying to go somewhere after having clipped a line on their horse and hoping they get there. But, Leading??????? Pull this weed.

Does your horse swing his body around while in the cross-ties? All over tarnation while you’re trying to saddle?? Well, it’s because people mistakenly feel that if they keep the head in a certain area it’s all good. But, tying the head doesn’t keep the feet still.

Weeds. If you don’t pull them out they get bigger. Then it’s that excuse, “…and all of a sudden my horse…”.