Well kids, in my recent newsletter I suggested some tasks to improve your skills and your horse’s responses that could be done in the shade of a tree or your barn isle or walkway. I asked for emails reporting how it was going and that I would be posting tips for better results. But… the responses I’m getting are that you are waiting for the tips!!!
“Where are the tips?” “When are you posting the tips?” “You said you would post tips.”
It’s your thinking, your way to learn how to learn that is the most important thing you’ll glean from these exercises. I hope you consider this a tip!!!

Figure out how to cause your horse to move that one hoof in the direction/spot you want. Figure out what works better than another move. Then, reduce your signal to see if you can make it look smoother and less intrusive and still get the same result. Then, you’re going to go for even less noticeable and get a BETTER result!
Yes, these are TIPS! Now, use them and report back in with your results!!!

I’m working on a new product! “X” marks the spot.
I frequently toss out a lid from a gallon ice cream container for the horse to place a hoof on, but I just got a sheet of some lightweight plastic-y material to make paintbrush type X’s. Fun!