My word. Yes, I love to invent words. Fusciling (verb)- some combination of raising the movement, energy, expectation, signal and agitation in order to allow the horse to find his way to calmness.

Many people inherently and because they’re taught it constantly, behave in a calm and quiet manner with horses. All well and good you may say. However, two things happen. 1) The horse learns that people SHOULD behave calmly and quietly and then when they don’t, all hell breaks loose. 2) Horses learn to train their people that if they don’t behave quietly, horse will throw a fit and then insist that person attempt to calm them with cooing noises, petting and treats. This in turn teaches a horse that he is rewarded on several levels when he behaves badly. This doesn’t mean that the horse wants to lose his mind just for a carrot, but they learn that flying off the handle isn’t uncomfortable for them.

So, what would cause a horse to choose good behavior when they get rewarded for less than desirable behavior?


If you don’t deliberately put your horse in a position to learn not to react inappropriately, he will get more and more reactive. Not less. People who have been trained by their horse not to agitate him will still have an agitated horse. “Easy boy” doesn’t stop him unless he decides to stop.

So, fuscil your horse. Make up ways of tipping the apple cart. Add hurry up, no that way, yes it’s a tarp, I changed my mind I mean backward all in the same minute. This will take a bit of practice on your part and creativity. But the dividends it pays are HUGE!