From a woman in Michigan:

I’m really enjoying your newsletters.

Question: The horse I’ve been training is awesome about sidepassing over to the step for mounting, but she gets in real close and nearly knocks me off the step!  I don’t want to discourage her from her willingness to be mounted, but fear she will not distinguish between close and too close.  Ideas?

You ask if I have ideas????? Loaded with them!!!

This is dealt with in Chapter 6 of the book because it happens to ALL horses. So… to give you a ‘change the way you think’ perspective…

Being precise about the spot isn’t going to discourage her willingness. Being imprecise will allow her to do a less than desirable job and means that, to her, you don’t care where she steps as long as she’s stepping left.

We tend to get all ‘Oh, isn’t my precious Buttercup wonderful’ when really… on top of me, smashing me on the fence or bumping me off the mounting block isn’t the spot we’re going for let alone wonderful. She cannot learn to be in the right spot if you allow the wrong spot to go uncorrected.

And… if you were on a cliff, I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate her stepping too far to the left. So, don’t cause her to not learn EXACTLY where the spot is.