So I’m reading “Racinet Explains Baucher”. I was just about thru the first chapter and something he said struck me that caused me to browse thru the book looking for a reference. That in itself is odd as I don’t jump the writing. And in my looking near the back of the book, I found something about Baucher showing calm, one-tempi changes after only twenty-some days on a rouge horse that bucked every other trainer off.

I read a bit there, fascinated. Then about an hour later in a moment of repose, I realized that that was what I had seen Jack Brainard do at a demo I was at nine years ago on a two year old colt that he’d never been on before in about ten minutes.

This is a “change the way you think” moment. While there is a plethora of DVD’s out there on leads and lead changes, they aren’t THIS! Check it out! Both of them!