I wasn’t sure whether to call this Good Horses or The Help of the Herd. Yesterday, I was working with a Mustang, Risky that I have in training here. On-line I manuevered him on the circle to where I have 6 tires to cross. He  stopped and was trying to figure out how to or how not to do this task.

Black Diamond, one of my herd, was about 10 feet away watching. She’s rarely more than 10′ away from me if I’m out there. I work all the horses while everyone else is loose in the area, currently 7. Anyway, she thought she would help Risky out by showing him how easy it was and walked up on the opposite side, gave a sigh and started stepping on all the tires. I petted her and shooed her away after she was ‘done’. Risky took a tenative step into the middle of one tire. Black comes back over, sighs again and carefully steps into each middle of each tire to show him how it’s done if you don’t want to step on them. She cracks me up! Risky then proceeded over the tires calmly.