When it cools off here I would love to meet you and say thanks.

I am always looking for new things to do with my horse when it is hot and I don’t necessarily have the time or feel like riding … even though I have said I don’t want to train anymore I just want to ride! (guess I must enjoy “training” because like I said always trying something new )

So I ordered your curbside book … and I thought I will give this a shot …because this will be an extra challenge …

1) my horse doesn’t like being close to the fence and #2) she’s not especially fond of things up I figured this would keep me busy for awhile! Keep in mind I have been riding her bareback for a change up and I get on with a turned over half barrel ..while she stands like a monument (thank god!)  as I jump up head over and wriggle up …needing a chiropractor after the ordeal! (she hasn’t told me so but she probably needs one as well after the ordeal! ) ….. the week before I ordered your book my newest game was hanging a bucket of cookies on fence ..making her sidepass over so I could give her one making being next to the fence a little more fun… well we needed some more “bucket” training because as I reached for the bucket she went sideways! ? ….

So I read your book and head out to the pen… in maybe 10 minutes she was “PARKED” on the first day!!!!!!!!!!!!! that includes the 5 when I got off the fence and explained to her that yes even though I was tapping the whip on the opposite hip it was ok she come towards me ……the 2nd day 1st try PERFECT !!!!!!!!!! didn’t even need the whip! She basically adjusts herself with a few clucks because I’ve done a lot on the ground and she understands when I tell her back and stuff ….today we did it with no halter or whip…..just for fun while I was filling the water bucket I decided since I had a minute I would hop up on the fence ….!!!

I have mounted her and rode around with her bridle on ..and OH SO NICE and easy for me !!! I could kiss you! I never expected this to happen so quick especially with her history but this has been a great lesson for us both …I have put more trust in her as I know she obeyed even though she did not like to be near the fence and it seemed when I was giving her something to do her “fence” issue sort of disappeared! And I sensed she understood if she moved while I was getting on that I would be hurt and that she does look out for me (for nothing else she loves to eat and I think she wants me around for the next feeding!)  ….. and I think Ginger thanks you too ..she has gotten “double” cookies on some days as the 2nd day she just did it after just learning I was especially proud of her …and then to let me get on I am sure has saved her back as well….. I’m looking forward to trying this as well with all her gear as I am not the tallest in the bunch and even though I get on from the ground I do look for a “little hill” to sort of stand on in the sand!

So thank you! When I get some time I will send you a before and after video of our mounting situation that I am sure will give you a good laugh! And when it cools down I would love to meet you and maybe take a lesson or so … I think u do dressage and coming from the East Coast and English riding background I would love to learn some dressage ……

Take care …will get some video to you when I can! Sincerely, Sharon