Don’t try to make your horse put the puzzle pieces together without giving him time to turn them over.

When you decide to do something with your horse, you’ve already had ‘that thought process’. You’ve already decided to do ‘this thing’. However, your horse has NOT been thinking about that. When you present your ‘idea’, to be fair, you need to give your horse the time to hear the request, ponder whether or not he feels like doing it, decide if you mean enough to him to do it, and then get the muscle/mind method going in order to implement it.

If I asked you to get me a glass of water, you would go through this same process. You may have been in the middle of thinking about dinner or your ad campaign or whatever or nothing. And your thinking would then have to shift to: “Did she just ask me to get her a glass of water? And right while I’m in the middle of cooking dinner?” Then: “Well, I kinda like her and she is a guest in my house, so okay.” Then, you’d have to get a glass out of the cupboard, fill it with water and then get it in my hand.

If I jerked on your arm, or yelled at you or got frustrated with you, or spurred you, or whipped you… would you be able to get the glass of water for me any faster? And would you even be inclined to get it for me?