There sure are a lot of squirrely horses out there. Trouble for us is, it’s usually just when people are around. Ever notice that? So, if that’s the case, it must have something to do with the… people!

People hate to ride when it’s windy. Horses stand out there in the pasture with their butts to the wind and wait for it to stop. Unless they want to play. But, get a person on their back who is scared the horse is going to do something because it’s windy and what happens?

Next time the wind kicks up. Why not think about getting on your horse? You don’t have to do scary things and you don’t have to go fast. Just get on and sit there or walk around on a loose rein. If you’re more confident, act like the wind isn’t howling and work on a few exercises and skills that you were going to work on anyway.

This falls into the ‘do your homework at home’ category. So that if you’re out on the trail or in a class at a show it doesn’t freak you out and thereby freak your horse out.

And you could tie a tarp to the fence if you’d like.