Have you seen “The Artist”? I was amazed at how much was conveyed without words. Only on a few occasions were written sentences used to help. However, we should probably be much more cognizant then, of our capabilities with horses. In a lesson the other day, I had a student sending her horse over a jump at liberty. When the horse was taking off, the woman said “Jump” in a loud voice. With difficulty, I managed to keep my mouth shut the first two times and then asked, “Are you trying to teach your horse to jump on your voice command?” “No,” was the reply. “Well, then why are you saying that?”

So, a couple of concept thoughts here. 1) Is your horse too stupid to realize the need to jump the obstacle? 2) Is your timing so good that you say “Jump” at just the right moment to indicate the need to your horse? 3) Are you MAYBE micro-managing something that isn’t YOUR responsibility? 4) maybe be quiet and alllow the horse to learn, or in this case, you learn, because the horse jumps just fine without you.

I’ll add more, but I’ve gotta run and crab at a lesson.