New horses in training get to learn how to jump with the herd at liberty and other obstacles like walking over a whole bunch of tires.

I knew I should have hooked up the video camera!! I knew it! Whenever I start a new horse on an obstacle, Black always decides that ‘we’ (me and the new horse) need her expertise, which is true.

So, Zane is having his first experience with tires, 8 tires lying flat and bunched together in an area. The horse is expected to learn to proceed quietly stepping on and in the tires.

Well, Zane had never been thru tires before and was thinking he didn’t want to start today. Black stands next to me while I’m encouraging Zane to give it a try. As he spends a little time trying NOT to. Black’s patience runs out, she lets out a sigh and she gets on the tires with all four hooves to show the Lame-O how to do it.

The she looks at him, rolls her eyes then looks to me for a treat. I tell her that since she does this every time I get a new horse in, while nice – not treat worthy. So, she backs up on the tires. Nice, I say, but…

She pauses, gives me a serious stare and… starts sidepassing on the tires! DAMN ME for not having that video cam set up prior. I even thought about it before I started in the tires, but I didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of setting it up and stopping what I was doing.

Not only did she sidepass on top of the tires, but, while I was getting a treat out of my pocket for her, she stopped, looked at me and didn’t take the treat and then reversed and sidepassed back to where she originally started.

Are you getting’ why I adore this horse?

And now as you can see in the picture, she’s teaching me and learning how to Pas de Deux! It’s HER choice to run with me. She’s getting down right pesky while I’m training the others, but it’s really good for them to learn to have a horse ‘along for the ride’.