There’s always at least one well-meaning person (at least I think they’re well-meaning) who is pushing to make things more average.

“On behalf of the masses, the uncommitted, the ones who don’t care, we need to dumb this down, smooth out the edges and make it more average. We need to oversimplify it, make it a bit banal, stupid even. If we don’t, then some people won’t get the joke, won’t be satisfied, or worse, complain.”

And the lizard brain gets under our skin and we back off, at least a little. We make the work a little more average and a little worse.

The trite plot, with the usual stereotypes, played by the usual reliable actor types for a movie or book. The new song “they” say should sound a whole lot like the last song that was popular.

Yes, it’s true that the remarkable, different or edgy stuff we want to do won’t be embraced by everyone. But everyone is rarely the point any more. There is no “everyone” that you can please.

In the service of honest communication, perhaps the one who makes things worse should acknowledge that this is what he does for a living. That way, if we want things to be a little more average, we’ll know who to ask. Me? I’m going for Exceptional Horsemanship!

I’ve borrowed the theme and some of the phrasing from Seth Godin for this post.