We humans can be a pretty aggressive bunch. We go out to ride our horse with THE PLAN. But, let’s consider changing up the thinking here.

Let’s say two people are playing chess. If you’ve ever heard anything about Championship chess matches, these players are thinking multiple moves in advance. What they can DO however, is respond to the choice that their opponent makes. Once the opposing player makes their move, the other player must eliminate all the other alternative moves related to the moves the opponent didn’t make!

Maybe instead of TELLING your horse what to do all the time and getting frustrated or angry when it doesn’t do exactly as you demand, you could wait to see what horse offers and advance your learning lesson for both of you by what horse has offered.

Example – Let’s say you’re getting on and ask for Curbside Service. When you slide on, horse moves. OH NO! Don’t panic, just say in a pleasant voice. “Well, sweetheart, we were going to move off (and work on THE PLAN), but since you jumped the gun, I guess we’ll practice standing still for a WHILE.” Then, to practice, ask for one step. Sit. Wait. No, no. Wait more. Don’t get so go-y. Just freakin’ wait! Yeah You! If you can’t sit there, how do you expect your horse to wait for you when your butt molecules are firing?