Read one of Clinton’s Tip o’ the Week the other day. Now, I’m a Clinton fan because he’s such a hoot. And I think he gives the most info and the most thorough info of all the on-TV trainers. And the tip is… true, good, etc. But under the right circumstances. Two sentences on the value of a one rein stop and how to implement it is akin to telling someone unfamiliar or relatively inexperienced with driving a car that that round thing is a steering wheel and if you turn it, your backend will quit going forward. True… but!

Many comments were written praising the technique but there were also several saying it doesn’t work. In one case a woman wrote that she did it when her horse was running away with her and when she applied the technique, the horse flipped over on her and they got hurt. Yep!

That’s exactly what will happen under those circumstances. Rider skills, awareness, and abilities are always up for grabs and change the outcome. Yes, it’s mice to have something such as a one rein stop that may save someone, but under less than ideal circumstances or use by someone with little thought or practise can be just as dangerous as getting run off with or more so.

All these techniques need to be practised at all gaits and common sense (which we all know isn’t common) needs to be used. Think about the possibilities of putting something like this into effect. What would happen to that car going 100 miles an hour and having the steering wheel turned?? Same thing. Take care and give it some thought.