This is an email Donna sent me. Many, many times she’s heard one of my favorite and consistently used lines: “What if you’re out riding and your horse steps in barbed wire?”

I’m always harping about being able to move your horses feet OR have your horse not move his feet along with the need for precision and timing, trust and skills while maintaining calm.

Donna writes:

The saga of old barbed wire in the forest where it should not have been and

how my wonderful, smart, and trusting partner Smokie handled the prickly situation.  Riding on the Rim with friends in open range and cattle country, we were almost back to the trailer after a delightful ride through pines and ferns. We had spotted a small herd of white tail deer and were walking along chatting about our great ride when Smoke stopped in his tracks and would not move.

He turned his head and looked at me with soft questioning eyes like “what do I do next Mom?” My first instinct was to tell him to quit pulling my leg and get moving, but something about the way he stopped and looked at me gave me cause to question.  I looked down and he was standing in the middle of a coil of old barbed wire. It was not touching him, but if he had taken one more step it might have been a disaster. He waited patiently while I got off and moved the wire away from his feet. This required touching him a bit with the wire but he didn’t move. What a Horse. I almost started crying but then shouted what a Blleeepe bleeeping Great Horse you are Smoke my boy. Everyone thought I had gone nuts ‘til I told them what had just happened. What a true test of a great partnership full of love and trust that has taken 16 years to create. Here is a big thank you to all those who have helped us along the way to achieve something this special not to mention the fact that it could have saved our lives on the trail.

Smokie and Donna

So– train as if!!