Awareness is a funny thing – especially if you aren’t…aware. Just to get you thinking, let’s take a look at a snippet of the Barbaro story. Remember he was the winner of the Kentucky Derby and then broke his leg coming out of the gate in the Preakness?

His trauma and surgeries and hopeful re-construction and life where big news for a long time until he eventually was put down. But the snippet I want to use here is one of the ‘feel good’ stories where he was being led outdoors for a bite of grass.

He was only just able to walk a few steps. Both hind legs were bandaged over the hocks and he had laminitis in both hooves. Yet… they had chains over his nose and under his chin. What was he going to do? Run for the hills? Just in case? How would you like to have a chain on your nose bones just in case you might, maybe do… what?

In another snippet – you might remember that while in the saddling box being saddled at the Derby, he kicked out at trainer Michael Matz missing his knee by a fraction of an inch. The commentary was that he always did this. Excuse me!? You can’t/don’t correct a bad behavior of an event that is going to happen every day and is dangerous? If he had connected with Matz’s knee, Matz would have been in the hospital undergoing surgery instead of watching his colt win the Kentucky Derby.

Are there holes in your horsemanship that you aren’t aware of? Take a fresh look. Question everything.